Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's the Little Things

I always find things to be thankful for, but often times I think it may not be small enough. There are so many things that slip under my thankful radar, because I may not consider them big enough to be thankful for. WRONG! So daily I stop and take a moment to be thankful things that sadly, I may have overlooked. The list I came up with is interesting. I encourage everyone to appreciate every little thing you can.
 If you are a busy bee and need a little reminding, there is an idea, credited to Happy Brittany. Simply utilize a small blessing, Post-Its, reading "Be Thankful" or "Here's your moment." Stick them everywhere and constantly pause to be grateful.

Flip-Flops, a happy medium for those who must wear shoes but would rather be barefoot :]
Any pen/piece of scratch paper that allow me to doodle on a daily basis
Adam Sandler, at least 30 fully entertaining movies
Aloe Vera, really takes the edge off the wrath of a sunburn, THANKFUL!
Conditioner, without this, I would have a mangled mane, oy.

Post-Its, reminding me to take my moment & be gracious
My Alarm Clock, where would we be without it? Am I right??
Movie Theater Previews, allows us all to be critics
Ipod, gets me through rough work outs
Remote Controls, CONVENIENT
Hair ties/ Bobby pins, it's hard to be a girl without 'em.

Phone covers!! I'm thankful every time I drop my phone!
Ice clinking around in my cup, it makes the difference in all of my beverages
Compliments, both giving and receiving them make me feel wonderful
Sidewalks, just imagine life without 'em!
Lotion/Chapstick. when you are desperately in need of either, they are absolute life savers

Lights, the Christmas lights adorning my room & back porch, they add a little extra twinkle
Cough Drops, especially in emergencies such as a cold/exam combinations
Generous People around me, enough said
Dandelions, or any opportunity to wish for that matter
Quiet moments that allow for reading or reflection

I could go on and on but I hope these have inspired a few little things to keep in mind when being so thankful.