Saturday, August 13, 2011

Superior Surroundings

      In the world there are many people we can choose to associate with. Some we admire, some we can't stand and EVERYTHING in between.
My thought is to surround yourself with the people who love you and appreciate you in you're most genuine form. People who encourage you and support your dreams and ambitions; people who don't cause you to question your looks, personality or goals/directions.
Keep only the best of the best on your side. Truly build yourself a support system for your own success. It's important to be able to learn from your friends, people whose personalities you admire and could possibly aspire to be more like.
Mandy McGrath- My soul sister. My best friend. When this girl walks into a room she lights it up, shaking every one's hand and introducing her self using a confident, authentic and comforting method.
A positive trait I have picked up.
At this point, I only affiliate with people who unknowingly teach me to be better, only make me feel good about myself; and at this point, I am happy.

This is MY life and I'm
happy to be living it,
Team Molly