Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Be A Bestie...

     Best friends are essential in life. They are the family you get to PICK to associate with and it is important to choose the right one (or more if you're lucky.) My life has been a continuation of one AMAZING partner in crime after another; and a few that remain by my side to this day. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE (even if you're thinking maybe). I have been so inspired by the girls (and boys) who play such key roles in my life. They qualify as besties for a reason... so I will name the things I love about them & the things I value about my own bestie-capabilities; and compile them into a list to consider when choosing our accomplice/buddy/comrade/sidekick.
These must be mutual.

Most basically, the ability to laugh. At themselves, at my jokes ;) and at life in general.

Believe in me, encourage what I and WANT and help get me where I'm going.

Have the capacity to trust and be trusted. A bestie must be a vault!

Enjoy my daily stories.

Have the courage to take the fall for me, not that they would have to; but that the fact that they would.

The ability to help me make the right choices.

Stand up for me when I'm right, and break it to me when I'm wrong.

Witness my ugliest cry and still think I'm beautiful.

They must be more like family than just a friend.

Will take me on an adventure.

Encourage me to have an adventure of my own.

And to be the best of the best,

Finish my sentences.

Communicate with just a look.

Possess the ability to answer a question, that is directed at me if I am for some reason unable.
(Yes, I'm talking mind reading.)


And simply love me back.
Gossip, fate & dinner dates.
All my love,

Friday, September 2, 2011


     About a month ago I was given the opportunity to have a photo shoot with photography/Facebook sensation Stephanie Hernandez of Stephaniearthphotography. For those of you who aren't familiar, she is and up and coming photographer and it seems like everyone wants in.
She invited me for a shoot and I was more than honored. She sat me down for hair and makeup and asked me what I had in mind, I trusted her completely and became a blank canvas allowing her creativity to take over.
I was laughing and catching up with an old friend and feeling FABULOUS. People I am by NO means a super model. She made me completely comfortable and gave me clear, specific direction, making the shoot much easier for both of us.
Stephanie came up with outfit combinations I never would have put together and they were spot on! The proof was in, well, in the proofs. She has a natural eye for art that is unparalleled. She draws, tattoos, does hair and makeup and of course photographs.

She has a powerful presence
both behind...

...and in front of the lens.

Whether capturing
a person...

..or a moment...

...her eye for beauty is evident in every picture. I left that evening feeling more confident and beautiful than ever.

What an adventure Stephanie.
I can't wait for our next one,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Superior Surroundings

      In the world there are many people we can choose to associate with. Some we admire, some we can't stand and EVERYTHING in between.
My thought is to surround yourself with the people who love you and appreciate you in you're most genuine form. People who encourage you and support your dreams and ambitions; people who don't cause you to question your looks, personality or goals/directions.
Keep only the best of the best on your side. Truly build yourself a support system for your own success. It's important to be able to learn from your friends, people whose personalities you admire and could possibly aspire to be more like.
Mandy McGrath- My soul sister. My best friend. When this girl walks into a room she lights it up, shaking every one's hand and introducing her self using a confident, authentic and comforting method.
A positive trait I have picked up.
At this point, I only affiliate with people who unknowingly teach me to be better, only make me feel good about myself; and at this point, I am happy.

This is MY life and I'm
happy to be living it,
Team Molly

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Tip for Your Tuesday

I think now days it's a little difficult to mind our own business when Social Networking has somewhat taken over the lives of my peers and I. Facebook is accessed so easily on my phone, when I'm bored I search what other people are doing/thinking . This kind of takes away from time that I could be 'doing my own thing.' So I'm using it less.
I consciously tell myself to STOP when I'm thinking something negative about myself or wondering what others think/expect from me. Thoughts like that get me nowhere, actually...they take me back a few steps. Love yourself like you want other people to love you and they will. After all, life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the ones that treat you right and forget about the ones that don't.

Remember: They wouldn't bother if you were nothing.

I'ma do me,
feel free to hate ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Girl Appreciates It When...

If it hasn't been clear by a majority of my prior posts, I try to live my life appreciating the little things. I do so in my friendships and my relationship as well. I think other girls are similar in the fact that you don't always need to go big to win her over, that contrary to rumors, it isn't expensive or suffocating to have a girlfriend, that simplicity could be a key factor. This is by no means a "How to Get a Girl Guide" or exactly "What Women Want" but a sincere list of things, that I believe, ladies naturally appreciate.

So boys....Listen up.
A girl appreciates it when...
  • You allow yourself to be silly, even if it's only in front of her. Let your guard down, If you're "too cool" you're not that cool.
  • When you are helpful.  Painting my room was so overwhelming. He helped me empty, clean, tape, and paint four walls and a ceiling, smiling and laughing along the way. MY HERO. So learn how to change a flat tire or something. BE HER HERO! (Even something as simple as proof reading a paper she wrote.)

  • Do something you're proud of...then share it with her, she'd love to be proud of you too.

  •  Who says girls are expensive? Surprise her with something small, like coffee. Imagine how bad she'll want to update her Facebook/Twitter status: STARBUCKS <3 He surprised me at work! #oneluckygirl

  •  Tip: Love letters never go out of style.
  • As brave and determined as women can be, self doubt is somewhat inevitable. It happens. We question ourselves and doubt our image or our capabilities. We haven't given up, just an occasional slip up slowing us from shining to our true potential. ENCOURAGE. Remind us how wonderful and smart we are. We most definitely appreciate that.
  • Learn to do something new together. Volunteer, sign up for a class or try it at home. Buy a sushi kit for example. It's quite an experience. Trial and error is fun when you're doing it together. Plus, who do you know that knows how to MAKE sushi? You two will be a smash at any dinner party/ pot luck.
  • Compliment her, make it specific, and let it come from a genuine place."I think you look beautiful when you wear you're glasses." "I think that dress looks amazing on you, I love when you wear it." "You're lips are perfect." So next time she wakes up and puts on her spectacles, zips up that dress, or puts on chapstick...two things will come to mind. Self-confidence, and you my friend.

Oh, and ladies...a piece of advice from a woman I love:
" If you don't feel better about yourself (prettier, smarter, funnier, more
 generous, considerate, kind and special) when you're with him...
 forget about him." -Grandma

Love big, fall hard and embrace the people you meet to the fullest. You are only young once, so lower you're guard because love rewards the brave.

Hoping to be helpful,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Your Bad Day Good & Your Good Day Better

     Someone asked me what I do when I'm upset or in a bad mood to make me feel a little better. Initially, I didn't even know what specific things I did! For the next few weeks I paid closer attention to my actions when I was upset and recognized what things highlighted my good days.

Bleh! On a bad day...

Relax! Take a nap! When you wake up, chances are it'll be, "on the other side of the bed."

Take a shower or a bath, you are alone with your thoughts, let the aroma of your favorite soaps relax you.
Cry, whistle or lather up. Everyone knows "you time" makes everything better!

Keep some falsies on hand, when your not feelin' so hot, they instantly foxify your face!

Tune in to tune out. Listen to POSITIVE music. Try listening to Miz Minaj and tell me you don't feel like one Bad Barbie. Oh and Britney? She'll make you want to Dance Until the World Ends.

tape makes for great strait lines
Manicure!! Again with the YOU time. Build up a collection and allow for your nails to express your mood. You only live once so try some silly colors! From my experience, they can be a great conversation piece.
Treat yourself.
Grab a friend and allow yourself to pick up that purse/pair of shoes/shades you spotted on your last trip to the mall. There's nothing wrong with a little  retail therapy.

& On a good day...

Having a good hair/outfit/all together "got it goin' on" kinda day?
Snap a picture girl! Eliminate any future self-doubt!

Waterballoons! Add some extra smiles and fill up a few! Whether it's my sister and I trying to hit the same target, or a full blown war, these babies are guaranteed to brighten your day!

Be bold baby, kill 'em with a cool red lip.

Make the world your stage, sing. I'm talkin' around the house, grocery shopping, following your boyfriend around at Home Depot...If you have if you have a tune in your head or a favorite comes on, sing!
I swear, people don't even look at me funny. :)
To me it's joyous. A beautiful thing.

Journal. Prioritize on paper and get your goals written in ink.
Organize that big beautiful brain of yours.
If you have advice, share it. If you've got the knowledge, spread the love.
If you have any day highlighters, please share them with me in a comment below!

Tired eyes & Lullabies,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

Last week I experienced, what I decided was, the Perfect Summer Night. It was the second rain we have had all year and it was STUPENDOUS. In Las Cruces, NM rain can be scarce, even non existent. I stood out back on my porch and my mind was still. I embraced whatever I could from that moment. The twinkling lights on the roof of my porch, the safety of the tin roof over my head and the sound of the rain lightly dancing on it, thunder cracking near by and a delicate breeze warming my face, arms and legs. I smiled seeing my silly puppies run around in the drizzle and at the genuine company that surrounded me also clinging to the moment.
What a wonderful reminder that it is Summer. Live in the moment, love the people you are with, embrace the laughter and count every second of every hug.
P.S. Thank you to all of my followers. I totally got into this assuming that my blog would be for my own gratification. With each follower I grow more and more confident, and I can't wait for it to flourish, Thanks to y'all.

All My Bloggin' Love,