Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Be A Bestie...

     Best friends are essential in life. They are the family you get to PICK to associate with and it is important to choose the right one (or more if you're lucky.) My life has been a continuation of one AMAZING partner in crime after another; and a few that remain by my side to this day. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE (even if you're thinking maybe). I have been so inspired by the girls (and boys) who play such key roles in my life. They qualify as besties for a reason... so I will name the things I love about them & the things I value about my own bestie-capabilities; and compile them into a list to consider when choosing our accomplice/buddy/comrade/sidekick.
These must be mutual.

Most basically, the ability to laugh. At themselves, at my jokes ;) and at life in general.

Believe in me, encourage what I and WANT and help get me where I'm going.

Have the capacity to trust and be trusted. A bestie must be a vault!

Enjoy my daily stories.

Have the courage to take the fall for me, not that they would have to; but that the fact that they would.

The ability to help me make the right choices.

Stand up for me when I'm right, and break it to me when I'm wrong.

Witness my ugliest cry and still think I'm beautiful.

They must be more like family than just a friend.

Will take me on an adventure.

Encourage me to have an adventure of my own.

And to be the best of the best,

Finish my sentences.

Communicate with just a look.

Possess the ability to answer a question, that is directed at me if I am for some reason unable.
(Yes, I'm talking mind reading.)


And simply love me back.
Gossip, fate & dinner dates.
All my love,

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