Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Your Bad Day Good & Your Good Day Better

     Someone asked me what I do when I'm upset or in a bad mood to make me feel a little better. Initially, I didn't even know what specific things I did! For the next few weeks I paid closer attention to my actions when I was upset and recognized what things highlighted my good days.

Bleh! On a bad day...

Relax! Take a nap! When you wake up, chances are it'll be, "on the other side of the bed."

Take a shower or a bath, you are alone with your thoughts, let the aroma of your favorite soaps relax you.
Cry, whistle or lather up. Everyone knows "you time" makes everything better!

Keep some falsies on hand, when your not feelin' so hot, they instantly foxify your face!

Tune in to tune out. Listen to POSITIVE music. Try listening to Miz Minaj and tell me you don't feel like one Bad Barbie. Oh and Britney? She'll make you want to Dance Until the World Ends.

tape makes for great strait lines
Manicure!! Again with the YOU time. Build up a collection and allow for your nails to express your mood. You only live once so try some silly colors! From my experience, they can be a great conversation piece.
Treat yourself.
Grab a friend and allow yourself to pick up that purse/pair of shoes/shades you spotted on your last trip to the mall. There's nothing wrong with a little  retail therapy.

& On a good day...

Having a good hair/outfit/all together "got it goin' on" kinda day?
Snap a picture girl! Eliminate any future self-doubt!

Waterballoons! Add some extra smiles and fill up a few! Whether it's my sister and I trying to hit the same target, or a full blown war, these babies are guaranteed to brighten your day!

Be bold baby, kill 'em with a cool red lip.

Make the world your stage, sing. I'm talkin' around the house, grocery shopping, following your boyfriend around at Home Depot...If you have if you have a tune in your head or a favorite comes on, sing!
I swear, people don't even look at me funny. :)
To me it's joyous. A beautiful thing.

Journal. Prioritize on paper and get your goals written in ink.
Organize that big beautiful brain of yours.
If you have advice, share it. If you've got the knowledge, spread the love.
If you have any day highlighters, please share them with me in a comment below!

Tired eyes & Lullabies,


  1. Weeeerrrrqqqqqin' it girl!!! They just get better and better!! :)

  2. Love your blog! Could you follow my blog? xx

  3. I cannot go anywhere without my red lippie! Your melon nails are fab by the way.

    I adore your blog and will definitly be back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it!

    All the best,

  4. True that! Ima queen and I know it.