Wednesday, March 6, 2013

& Sometimes Peace is Thrust Upon You.

It has been one full week since my tonsilectomy, and let me tell you, IT WAS NO JOKE. The most severe pain I think I have ever felt and that is no exaggeration. 7 full days of tossing and turning, a hungry tummy, extreme lack of social interaction and 7 days too many with my couch. I hadn't even been outside. While the Molly I know would love just lounging around enjoying the down time, cabin fever was officially in effect starting today. Around 5:50 pm today small fears and anxieties began to swirl through my head becoming truly overwhelming.  I paced through the house...normally in these instances I use people as a distraction. I decided to phone a friend. When dialing the number there was what could only be described as a cosmic pull dragging me out of the front door to make the call in the rocks of my front yard. My call was ignored, and I was totally okay with it. Literally the next thought 'planted' in my head was to set my phone in the backseat of the Expedition in our drive way and my legs took me down the street. The weather a perfect 73 degrees for the first time since before fall. My hair was beginning to dry from the shower I had taken in attempt to ease the nerves. With zero makeup , sweatpants, a tank top, and sandals on, I accepted the stroll. Each step eager for another.

 At first my thoughts felt fearful, almost helpless. I couldn't find the reasoning for the emotions rolling through me. With the warmth of the sun on my arms that have been dormant all winter, and each breath of fresh air, peace took the place of each worry I thought I had. I was even inspired with words for the people that I would normally give just a neigborly wave. I don't even believe I was thinking for the 15 minute walk. Simply feeling. I was IN the moment...
I'm not even sure what this blog is about. But if you ever hear a whisper of the opportunity calling, RESPOND. My energy was flipped. Something greater moved me today. Abruptly, unexpectedly. And because I chose not to deny it, I was filled with peace and comforted to a new level.
 I guess to be brief what it comes down to is...Sometimes there is a call, and sometimes you are rewarded for answering.

 It was a personal experience
 too special for me not to share.
 It was fate...
 -Molly Kate

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