Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Empowered by Paint

Shows like Extreme Makeover, Clean House, and any kind of show involving redecorating are a part of my morning gym routine. While doing cardio I enjoy watching the transformation from bland/cluttered  to bold color schemes and interesting ornamentation. This left me with a question I absolutely HATE asking myself, Why not ME? Then I thought, Why NOT me?
While I thought I knew what I wanted, in entering the paint section at Home Depot, I realized I couldn't have been more wrong. I was overwhelmed with a huge selection of brands and an even larger selection of colors. The options were endless. I found what I wanted and ended up with a brand I will never stray from. Behr, the "#1 Paint and Primer all in one." How convenient!

I purchased 1 gallon gray, 1 gallon Plum Shadow, 1 pint white, 2 plastic covers, tape for the edges and an entire paint kit (Including: Paint pan, Two rollers, a corner edger and paint brush) all for around $86.00. While it seems like and quite an investment for just paint. It is well worth it. My room started out as a plain pale yellow.

I wasn't going to let my inexperience intimidate me. With the help of my boyfriend, I took my room on. I painted the back wall and ceiling purple, the other three walls gray and the borders/door white. In ONE day I totally revamped my room, it is now a peaceful plum palace.

I couldn't be more pleased, I didn't realize how uneasy my room was until I felt the contentment of my "new" room. One word comes to mind SATISFACTION. Be empowered by paint, I dare you.

Suggestion: I thought I was getting a steal when I used masking tape for the edges of my room because it was a little cheaper, wrong. The paint bled through a little (hardly), but if you are a perfectionist, I insist you go with the blue painter's tape.


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  1. Hi, I realized this post is over a year old, but I have a similar color-scheme in the kitchen (or parts of this at least. I have the burnished clay on the walls and want to use the plum shadow, but can you tell me if the darker gray color is elephant skin?